Sunday, October 30, 2011

preserve bits and pieces in my life

I recently lost all the events since Mar 2010 on my iPhone. I figured I should: 

1) Get a Moleskine Planner

2) Start blogging and share these memories with friends

Here are some pictures from the wonderful time we spent at the veteran center at Williamsburg:

Teddy/ 82/ Radioman in WWII/ Germany (16 Sep 2011)

Veteran of Foreign Wars (16 Sep 2011)

Americana III (16 Sep 2011)

Junior/ Vietnam War (18 Sep 2011)

Alysia (18 Sep 2011)

Jonathan (18 Sep 2011)

Jonathan & Peter (18 Sep 2011)

Group Photo (18 Sep 2011)

*Photographed by Jaxting (18 Sep 2011)


Jaxting said...

It was a movie moment at that place!

Anonymous said...

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